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Website Designers Gosport - Who Are Webgloss?

Webgloss is a team of Hampshire web designers in Gosport, between Portsmouth & Southampton. Our web designers will create a 5 page website for your business with no design fees and a fixed monthly cost of £22 or choose our startup Mini Pixels Package single page website at £10 a month! You will also need a domain name which costs £21 per year.

Due to the low cost and being able to pay monthly, your business, whether in Hampshire or across the UK, can have a clean, crisp, easy to navigate, mobile & Google friendly website online for a very small initial payment. Professional web design for businesses or Hampshire startups - get a business website without paying a small fortune.

Webgloss has been producing business web design for clients in Hampshire and across the UK for over 15 years. Many businesses have had their websites with us for over 10 years - they trust us & rely on us - so our web designers must be doing something right!

We actually enjoy speaking with our clients and they can phone Jane to discuss their websites, web design changes or any other concerns. This level of continued support makes all the difference to our clients. We will guide you through the whole process of getting your business online and, if needed, even help you by writing the content.

Many web designers can be 'hard to get hold of' - sending them an email and waiting days for a response can be extremely annoying. Being able to pick up the phone and talk to your web designer about changes to your website is reassuring and helps resolve any issues quickly and efficiently - you can do this with our web designers.

Our latest websites are designed to be offically 'mobile friendly', responsive designs. All of our web designs have always been able to be viewed successfully on mobile devices and over 99% are extremely high in Google, but we now ensure that all of our new web designs pass the 'official' Google mobile friendly test.

Over the years, we have designed successful websites for a huge variety of clients throughout Hampshire and the UK - web design for builders & plumbers, hairdressers & beauty salons, medical aesthetic practitioners, accountants & solicitors.

Whatever your profession, you can be sure of receiving a crisp, clean website with excellent navigation that has been coded specifically for Google to give you the best possible chance of a high listing in their search engine.


Web Design for Hampshire - What Our Clients Say

"Since we changed to Webgloss we have seen a dramatic interest in our site. From day one the Webgloss team have been fantastic."

Dave Sleaman - Streamline Taxis, Gosport, Hampshire

"You need your web design done by Jane at Webgloss. She's the nicest, most honest lady. She does fantastic websites which are really reasonable and she gets you high up with the search engines - a miracle worker!"

Allison Day - The Southern School of Beauty Therapy, Hampshire

"The best £19 a month I have ever spent."

Chris Porter - Active 8 Wedding Cars Southampton Hampshire

"We have a fully optimised website for search engines such as Google which means we feature on the first page without paying extra for this. In addition, the customer service and responsiveness from Webgloss is second to none."

Martin MacKenzie MA (Hons) MICB - Director, Xavier G. Medi Spa, Southampton, Hampshire

"I defy anyone to find another web design company that are as helpful, friendly, innovative and expedient as Webgloss.

Nothing is ever too much trouble and as a customer they make you feel truly valued. We absolutely love the new website - the service is second to none and I believe we've got real value for money. Thanks again, you can count PiCAS as another very happy customer!"

Emma Haskell - The Pigeon Control Advisory Service, Hampshire

Webgloss - Low Cost Web Designers Hampshire - from £10 Monthly
  Pay Monthly     Mobile Friendly     Contract Free     SEO & Maintenance Included

mobile friendly web design Hampshire

Mobile Friendly
Web Design

Our web design is centred around our own mobile friendly designs built individually for each client. We listen to what you require and then help and advise you throughout the whole development process. All our new websites are 'responsive' - they resize to the device that is displaying them; desktop, phone or tablet.

low cost web design Hampshire

Low Cost
Web Pages

We offer low cost, pay monthly web design. With a monthly fee from £10, our websites are inexpensive & your Hampshire business, whether established or a startup, can be online easily - for your 1st month's payment plus your yearly domain fee. High quality, low cost web design Hampshire with no tie in contract!

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Google SEO
& Free Hosting

There are no extra packages to pay for support with Webgloss - we include SEO, website hosting & most website maintenance in your monthly fee. Webgloss has over 15 years of SEO experienced and we have achieved a page 1 Google position for over 99% of the websites designed by our Hampshire web designers.

web design Hampshire customer support

Ongoing, Trusted
Customer Support

We have built lasting relationships with our web design clients. Working by phone & internet means that we're here - available! We're not out attending meetings so we're ready to take your calls to discuss any concerns you may have. We are proud of our excellent customer support which is second to none.

Hampshire Web Design That Looks Good on Desktops, Laptops, Tablets & Mobiles
For a Stress Free Experience Just Give Jane a Call to Discuss Your New Website

Our Hampshire Web Design Business Package
What We Offer as Inclusive - with Absolutely No Hidden Costs!

Customer Support

Real people to talk to - we're here at the end of the phone to discuss your website, your concerns or changes that you would like carried out. We enjoy talking to our clients and will explain everything clearly with no 'techie' talk.

Search Engines

We will fully optimise the code for your website to give it the best possible chance of getting high in Google and we will submit your website to all the major search engines. Over 99% of our client websites are on page 1 of Google!


Many web designers offer a 'maintenance package' to their clients. Webgloss includes almost all maintenance free of charge for their clients. So, for no extra fees, you can easily keep your website information bang up to date.

Linking Campaign

Getting a high position in Google is an ongoing procedure. Websites move up and down. We include our own linking campaign and we reoptimise your website regularly, helping to push your business higher.


Videos provide extra interest for your website visitors - many will play a video rather than read what's written on the web page! We include 4 videos in our Mini Pixels Package & up to 10 in our other web design monthly packages.


An image is worth a thousand words. To make your website more visually appealing we offer to include at least one slideshow (more in some packages) of 6 of your images in addition to static images for illustration throughout your website.


Galleries of images have always been popular with website visitors, they tend to be the pages visited most. Our standard business web design package includes a gallery of up to 40 photos - perfect for showing your products or services!

Contact Form

Some people prefer to phone and others prefer to fill in a form that is quick to complete and easy to submit. All our websites include a contact form for visitors to complete. The details they have entered are then emailed to you.

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Web Design Packages & Pricing

Click on each to read more detail of what is included in each web design package.


web designers Hampshire
£10 a month
Single page website
Generous content
Slide show
Additional images
Contact form
No set up fees


web designers Hampshire
£22 a month
Our most popular package
Five generous web pages
2 slide shows
Contact form
Suitable for any business
No set up fees


web designers Hampshire
£30 a month
Five galleries
Up to 100 photographs
Three slide shows
Ten page website
Contact form
Set up fees apply


pay monthly web designers Hampshire
£40 a month
Five product pages
Shopping cart
Up to 100 items for sale
Ten page website
Contact form
Set up fees apply

web design Hampshire

Is It Cheaper Not To Pay Monthly?

You may be told that it's cheaper to get a website that you don't have to pay monthly for. We're told that hosting (every website needs to be hosted on a server) is usually 'extra', website maintenance is usually 'extra', SEO is often 'extra' and sometimes even getting the support you need from your website designer is 'extra'!

All the little 'extras' from other web designers can soon mount up and you may find that the website that you thought would cost around £150, and that was supposed to be a bargain, costs you more per month than you ever anticipated!

Webgloss includes hosting, SEO, website maintenance and customer support in your monthly fee. With Webgloss you know what you will be paying from the start and we know that we are offering a low cost, excellent quality, value for money web design service.


Low Cost, High Quality Hampshire Web Design

We believe that professional web design shouldn't cost a fortune and that we should always offer excellent value for money. Webgloss achieves this by not charging for the initial design of the site, by not insisting that you stay with us for a specific period of time and by including as much as we possibly can for your monthly package payment.


Your Business Matters to Us

We need you to stay in business so we help you as much as possible!

Unlike websites that you pay upfront for, paying a monthly fee ensures that your web designers are there when you need them. It also helps you control your budget - why pay hundreds when you can get online for just £43 with Webgloss?

Just get in touch to speak to Jane if you have any questions at all - she is easy to talk to and will make the whole process easy to understand.


We Include Website Updates

Every website needs to be updated for content to be fresh and accurate. Most web designers will charge extra for this - some as much as £50 an hour! Webgloss includes the majority of business website updates in its monthly fee so there is no need for unexpected charges when you need to change your site content.


SEO - Getting High in Google

And then there is 'SEO'. Gosh - the stories we have heard from people paying hundreds of pounds to get their website higher in the Google search engine! Many pay around £30 a month just for their website code to be optimised.

At Webgloss we optimise your business website for Google free of charge and we reoptimise the code each month as the Google search engines algorithms constantly change. Our SEO success speaks for itself - over 99% of our client websites are on page 1 of Google - without paying extra!


15 Years of Experience & No Tie-In Contract

We are trusted Hampshire web designers, based in Gosport, with over fifteen years website design experience, providing a low cost web design service - web design for Gosport, Fareham, Southampton, Portsmouth, Winchester and across the UK. We create well designed, easy to navigate, genuine business websites which have been optimised for Google.

Your website can be your business's window to the world - it should be designed by a web design firm with plenty of experience. It can be very risky to use web designers with little experience or few clients. Webgloss have designed hundreds of Hampshire business websites and we will make the process of getting online easy for you, by dealing with all aspects, from the design and development, right through to getting high in Google and maintaining your website once it is online.

Why not give us a try? With no tie in contract you really haven't anything to lose!


web design Hampshire

  •    Affordable web design
  •    Mobile friendly, responsive web pages
  •    Over 15 years of designing websites
  •    Hundreds of happy clients
  •    No tie-in contract
  •    Hosting included
  •    Maintenance included
  •    From just £10 a month!
  •    Google optimisation included
  •    We never use website templates
  •    We're here to talk to when you need us
  •    Never any hidden costs

We Make Google Friendly Websites So That People Can Find You Online

Webgloss concentrates on optimisation for the Google Search Engine. This is by far the most popular search engine in the world and many other search engines take their listings from those indexed by Google.

We also follow the rules set by Google and do not believe that cheating is necessary to achieve a good position within search engine listings.

We create well designed, genuine websites which have been optimised for Google and never use tactics such as hidden text which could jeopardise our clients' search engine positioning if discovered. Many firms will charge you large amounts of money just to 'submit' your site through the 'free submissions' service on search engines.

Webgloss will submit your site by hand to the major search engines and the code behind your website will be re-optimised when necessary to ensure that your site has the best possible chance of being given an excellent position within the Google search engine. Many web design companies charge extra for this service and yet are unable to offer the excellent results that Webgloss achieves.

Why Not Ask For a No Obligation Web Design Draft?

We'd like to create a draft design for your site which takes around 10 working days & there is no obligation - so why not ask for one? Whether you are in Hampshire or elsewhere in the UK we're happy to create a draft to show you what your website would look like with Webgloss.

Take a look at our portfolio of web designs to check out just a few of our current client sites and, if you like what you see, why not get in touch and ask us to design a draft for you? Just email us a description of your services together with your logo if you have one. Better still, give us a call and have a chat with Jane.

There is no obligation and, once you have viewed your draft design, you can then decide whether you would like us to create a full website for your business. Following the creation of your draft it only takes a few short weeks before your new business website could be live online, if you do decide that you would like a Webgloss site.

Our Web Design Is Not Just For Hampshire!

Although Webgloss is based in Gosport near Fareham in Hampshire (between Portsmouth & Southampton), and we are Hampshire web designers, we are able to design and host your site wherever you are in the UK as we operate entirely by phone, email and Internet (saving paper and petrol - incredibly eco-friendly!). If you would like to find out more or would like us to design a website for your business, please contact us.

Low Cost Web Design Hampshire - Websites Affordable for Everyone
From just £10 a Month with No Tie-In Contract from Webgloss in Gosport

Get In Touch with Our Hampshire Web Designers at Webgloss

If you need a Hampshire web designer to build a new website for your business then why not give Webgloss a go? With no tie in contract and a low monthly charge there really isn't any risk. We'd like to design a draft for you and perhaps continue from there - if you like what we do!

There are many web designers in Hampshire and it can be difficult to make the right choice. We've been designing websites for a long time and can help you with the whole process - from start to finish. Have a look at our web design portfolio of clients, read through our website and compare us to others. Hopefully we will be offering exactly what you need.

If you'd like help or have questions then please just get in touch to speak with Jane to discuss any aspect of web design or read our FAQ for further information.

web design Hampshire

Webgloss provides web design for Hampshire startups and larger businesses across Hampshire & the UK. With pay monthly, high quality, low cost web design offered to all you can be sure of receiving a well designed, professional website for your Hampshire business. If you are a startup business in Hampshire please look at our startup web design Mini Pixels Package - it has been designed especially for you! With no set up fees it gives you a startup website and allows you to get online quickly with very little initial outlay - just £31! Again with no initial fees, our Business Package is perfect for any size of Hampshire business and our Gallery & Ecommerce Packages cover other requirements that your Hampshire business may have.
Our services include: web design Hampshire, web designers Hampshire, web design Gosport, web designers Gosport, small business websites Gosport & startup websites Hampshire.

Web Design Hampshire from Webgloss in Gosport
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