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Website Designers Gosport - Who Are Webgloss?

Webgloss was established in 2001 by Jane Renfree, a computer programmer and IT professional for over 30 years. Previously employed programming statistical analysis systems in Unix & Oracle RDBMS on Sun / Unix platforms, her skills also include real time systems analysis & database administration (DBA) - creating PC systems from design concept & programming through to implementation.

The company is still owned by Jane and has now grown to become a web design company with clients across Gosport, Hampshire and the rest of the UK, who have been trusting us to look after their business websites for many years.

We specialise in search engine optimisation for our client websites - getting high in Google without having to pay extra for Google Ad Words!

Jane enjoys talking to Webgloss clients and you won't get any 'techie talk' (unless you want it!) - she will explain everything to you and answer all of your queries about web design. She will make the whole process of getting your business online as easy as possible for you.

Webgloss clients can phone to discuss their websites, web design changes or any other concerns. No annoying 'ticketing system' - just a friendly voice on the end of the phone! This level of continued support makes all the difference to our clients. We will guide you through the whole process of getting your business online and, if needed, even help you phrase the content.

  • Your Local Web Designers
  • Established in 2001
  • Hundreds of Existing Clients
  • Easy Steps To Getting Online
  • Friendly Phone Support

Low Cost, High Quality Websites

Whatever your profession, your business, whether in Gosport, in Hampshire or anywhere in the UK, can have a clean, crisp, easy to navigate, mobile & Google friendly website online for an initial charge of £43 - £21 domain name charge plus a first monthly payment of £22. Professional web design for established businesses or startups - get a business website without paying a small fortune.

Our web designers will create a 5 page website for your business with no design fees and a fixed monthly cost of £22. The monthly payments ensure that you don't have to pay extra for 'server hosting', or for a 'maintenance contract' or for 'SEO' - it is all included so that you know in advance what the website costs are!

You will also need a domain name which costs £21 to register which needs to be renewed once a year for £21 with the Domain Regulatory Authority. If your domain name is transferred to Webgloss from another company then your next renewal payment will be when its current renewal expires and then once a year.

There are no nasty tie-in contracts - so if you're not happy then you can leave easily with only the final month's payment to make.

  • No Design Fees
  • No Tie-In Contracts
  • £22 a Month
  • 5 Web Pages for Your Content
  • No Extra Payments for Hosting
  • No Extra Payments for Website Maintenance
  • Ongoing Google SEO Included

Mobile Friendly, Responsive Websites

Our latest websites are designed to be offically 'mobile friendly', responsive designs. All of our web designs have always been able to be viewed successfully on mobile devices and over 99% are extremely high in Google, but we now ensure that all of our new web designs pass the 'official' Google mobile friendly test and that they 'respond' to the size of screen on which they are being viewed.

  • Mobile Friendly Web Design
  • Responsive Designs - Look Good on Any Size Screen
  • Designed for the Google Search Engine
  • Over 99% of Our Sites on Page One of Google

What Our Clients Say

"5 Star Service. Couldn't ask for anyone better to work on our website. Jane & all the staff are so knowledgable and patient. Nothing is too much trouble and they listen and deliver every little finishing touch to a high standard. THANK YOU, THANK YOU, THANK YOU!!!!
Tracy Hill - Drain It Plumb It Plumbing Supplies, Hampshire

"You need your web design done by Jane at Webgloss. She's the nicest, most honest lady. She does fantastic websites which are really reasonable and she gets you high up with the search engines - a miracle worker!"
Allison Day - The Southern School of Beauty Therapy, Hampshire

"The best £19 a month I have ever spent."
Chris Porter - Active 8 Wedding Cars Southampton Hampshire

"We have entrusted our clinic website to Wegbloss for 11 years now and would not ever consider looking elsewhere. Goldstar service from incredibly knowledgeable and friendly people who we absolutely trust to look out for our interests. We have a fully optimised website for search engines such as Google which means we feature on the first page without paying extra for this. In addition, the customer service and responsiveness from Webgloss is second to none."
Martin MacKenzie MA (Hons) MICB - Director, Xavier G. Medi Spa, Southampton, Hampshire

"I defy anyone to find another web design company that are as helpful, friendly, innovative and expedient as Webgloss. Nothing is ever too much trouble and as a customer they make you feel truly valued. We absolutely love the new website - the service is second to none and I believe we've got real value for money. Thanks again, you can count PiCAS as another very happy customer!"
Emma Haskell - The Pigeon Control Advisory Service, Hampshire

"I cannot thank Jane enough for all her help and patience. A couple of times I have had to contact Jane to make urgent changes to the website, due to personal health issues, and Jane instantly applied the changes, and suggested additional changes to ease the situation. She is the kindest, most helpful person I have come across, an absolute angel. So A Very Big Thank You Jane"
Neil Parker - PMI Tags, Hampshire

"Wonderful, wonderful, wonderful!
Thanks so much for your time and patience in getting our site up to date, and I am happy to say that all is as we would like it to be (better in fact!)."
Karen Johnson - Waters Edge Aesthetic Beauty Clinic, West Sussex

"Since we changed to Webgloss we have seen a dramatic interest in our site. From day one the Webgloss team have been fantastic."
Dave Sleaman - Streamline Taxis Gosport Hampshire

"Webgloss was recommended to me from friends. What a recommendation! I am not computer literate at all but desperately wanted a website. I thought Outlook Express was some sort of steam train until I was guided through this. The patience and friendliness of all at Webgloss has been outstanding, the final product has been outstanding and the price has been outstanding. I cannot wait until I update my website so that I can contact Webgloss again just to talk to such cheerful & helpful people. Thankyou."
Theresa Harris - The Olive Tree, Arundel, West Sussex

"This is web development at its best. You have designed and produced an exemplary website that has far exceeded our expectations in every way. I'm afraid you're stuck with us now!"
Guy Merchant - Director PiCAS International

Inexpensive Web Design Gosport Hampshire - £22 a Month - Webgloss, Gosport Local Web Designers
  No Design Fees      Easy Monthly Payments      Absolutely No Tie-In Contracts
  Mobile Friendly Websites      Google SEO Included      Hosting Included      Website Maintenance Included

Who Are Webgloss?

A team of Hampshire web designers.
Set up by a computer programmer in 2001.

Webgloss is a team of web designers in Gosport, Hampshire, who have been creating websites for clients since 2001; websites for builders & plumbers, hairdressers & beauty salons, medical aesthetic practitioners, accountants & solicitors. Businesses have stayed with us for many years - they trust us & rely on us - so our web designers must be doing something right!

We have been told that web designers can be 'hard to get hold of' - sending them an email and waiting days for a response can be extremely annoying. Being able to pick up the phone and talk to your web designer about website changes is reassuring and helps resolve any issues quickly and efficiently - you can do this with our web designers.


What We Love

We love computer programming.
We love designing websites.
We love coding websites without generators.
We love seeing our clients become successful.
We love talking to you!

All our developers are computer programmers as well as being web designers. We love computer programming. It's incredible that putting lines of code together can produce such spectacular results - it's addictive!

We also love web design. To combine graphic design with programming and create something that is visually appealing - it's so much fun!

At Webgloss we know the advantages of creating websites from scratch. It would be far simpler and quicker to use a copy of Wordpress and change one of their templates but at Webgloss we don't do it that way. When the code is hand written from scratch you end up with a website that loads quickly and that can be maintained more efficiently.

SEO - search engine optimisation - we still experience a thrill when we see over 90% of our client websites hitting page 1 of the Google Search Engine, leading to more business for them and helping to make their companies more successful.

We really enjoy keeping in touch with our clients and finding out how their businesses are growing, ensuring that we're doing everything we can to help. You won't get any 'techie talk' (unless you want it!) from us - we will explain everything to you and answer all of your queries about web design, making everything as easy as possible for you.


What We Believe

Websites should be affordable by all.
Offer a high standard of web design.
Keep the fees low and allow monthly payments.
No small print.
Absolutely no tie-in contracts.
Give honest, clear advice.

At Webgloss we believe that websites should be affordable by all. The unfairness of large corporate companies being able to afford the so called 'best' could be avoided on the web if the right web designers offered the same level of web design but at an affordable rate for the smaller business.

Startup companies and the self employed are generally dedicated, hard working people. Many have worked every hour of every day just to try and become established. To compete with the larger companies is difficult - they can purchase more stock at lower cost, they have 'backing' and do not need to worry about where the next salary cheque is coming from.

From the beginning Webgloss wanted to try to even the playing field a little - at least in the world of web design.

We will never make a fortune because we don't charge enough. We believe that you should be able to receive the same standard of web design, SEO and customer support for which many larger web design companies charge so much more.

This is why we keep our fees low. It is not because the quality of our web design is in any way inferior to what you could receive from larger web design firms.

We also hate small print - being unaware of what you have signed up for. Finding out later that you have to 'pay for the rest of the year' or something similar when you want to leave.

This is why we make our charges, all of them, really obvious on our website. It is why we will never ask you to sign a contract. If you want to leave then you should be able to - easily!

At Webgloss we think that many people in the IT industry hide behind terminology. Computers are actually uncomplicated. Software is pure logic (if written correctly). There is absolutely no need for technical jargon to be used when discussing web design and so we will explain everything to you in plain English.

We will never confuse an issue by making it seem more complex than it is and we will always be totally honest with you.


  No Design Fees      Easy Monthly Payments      Absolutely No Tie-In Contracts
  Mobile Friendly Websites      Google SEO Included      Hosting Included      Website Maintenance Included

If You Decide to Join Us - With No Contract You Have Nothing to Lose - So Why Not Give Us a Call?

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Webgloss Makes Web Design Affordable for Everyone

Webgloss provides web design for Gosport startup businesses and larger businesses across Hampshire & the UK. With pay monthly, high quality, low cost web design you can be sure of receiving a well designed, professional website for your Gosport business. If you are a startup business in Gosport then a website with no set up fees and no contracts gives you a great way to begin. Our web design service allows you to get online quickly with very little initial outlay - just £43! Your first monthly fee of £22 plus your domain registration or transfer fee of £21. For established businesses our websites can make all the difference to your overall costs. Fairly priced web design that can get you high up in Google. Our services include: web design Gosport, web designers Gosport, small business websites Gosport & startup websites Gosport.

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